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What is Cyber Billing ?

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Cyber Billing is a comprehensive package for total management control of Monitoring, Billing, Security, Reporting, Advertising, Marketing in a cyber-business. Cyber Billing is the definitive tool for managing your business, such as Cyber Caf├ęs, PCs LAN Games and PCs Rental (typing). With a power full list of features, easy installation and setup, user friendly interface, advanced business reporting, and enhanced security features, this is the internet cafe software package you have been looking for to manage the computers and staff in your cyber cafe.

If you want a simple means to secure down access to your computers (in a network) and then grant access to individuals by creating username and password accounts with the ability to charge the user in various terms then Cyber Billing software is right for your needs. Cyber Billing is different with other billing, this system has application Blocking that capable to kill and run application. So, you can run the only enabled application. For example, the user only able to play game but cannot access Internet, able to type (using MS. Word, Excel and more) but cannot play game and access internet, or able to chat and messenger but cannot browse (ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc). Another facilities are you can shut down some of windows facilities such as, Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, Windows Explorer, Windows Cabinet, and more. It is currently installed in hundreds of sites all over the world.

Special Features

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GENERAL INTELLIGENT - global intelligent of Cyber Billing

Run on Windows OS such as Win98/2000/XP and Vista
Cyber Billing runs and tested on Operating System Win'98/2000/XP/Vista

Easily Fit Your Requirment
Cyber Billing very compatible for your business such as cyber cafe, PCs LAN Games, PCs Rental (typing), course, school, training, and others

User Friendly Interface
Easy setup, fast and settingless. It was understood by many people and operator altough they never operational about Computer

Full Customizable For All Setting Screen Billing
Only not tariff, discount and time can be cumtomized by Cyber Billing. However, setting color, font, background, sort on Cyber Billing Server can be customizable as you want.

Better Stability and Security for PCs LAN Game
Stability, high security was tested on PCs LAN Games. So it can't be hang on your PC

View Invoice on Account Manager Terminal
When user finish, automatically view invoice (print out) on client monitor and server

Optional Logoff Warnings for Users Before Time Runs Out
When press "Finish" button then display dialog warnings, users want to finish or not.

Optional Setting Clients When User's Finish

There are many option setting on your PCs when users finished must be logoff, restart, shutdown or normal (return to background Billing client)

ON/Off Automatic Invoice Printing

Auto Print (printing order from client will be done on server automatically). Auto Print Facility, for any kind of printer use LX-800 Printer default with envelope C6 (144x162 mm) as a paper size.

Optional Bill Printing When User's Finish
With optional print out of invoice billing on your papers as you set up after users finished

Customize All Print out for Any Papers
All of print out papers can be change and customize as printer and paper usage.

Time Warning from Server

Send warning time sign automatic by operator from server to workstation at that time. Its send one by one of the PC or all of them.

Time Warning from Client
Send warning time sign automatic at that time from the users to operator. It can used by users for remember themselves maybe they have been promise with someone else.

Client Switching
Transfer active customer session from one PC to another. first costs will move to second PC. It will continue billing-counted if the user moves to another terminal because of some troubles of it. Besides, there are some improvements of prepaid member menu and database server

Improved diagnostics like "Repair, Restore and Blank Database" function
Improved database such as repair, pack and restore database. You can select a certain item such as report, member, workstation, etc.

Autorun at Startup Windows
After Cyber Billing installed on your PCs, automatically will be running on startup windows not put in startup windows manually.

Economize bandwidth, memory and electricity
Cyber Billing Client can be setted automatically to shut all of open application at PC Client down when the user logout. This facility should minimalize memory and bandwidth if internet application is still connected on internet and is uploading or downloading. Facility to auto shutdown when user exits or logout is also available.

Support with All Proxies
Compatible with all proxies and ISS such as winproxy, Winroute, Wingate, etc and Cyber Billing software can't crash with your system.

BILLING - easy invoicing of your rental time

Customizeable for Multiple Charging Rate
For each user category you can set a different charge rate with little as five internal. You can specify whether or not program should calculate charge by an interfal itself, plush much more.

Many Discount Variations
Cyber Billing have many various discount such as discount by time usage (discount by session and accumulation) and discount happy hours (discount by everyday, depend day and separate date).

Toleration Time
It will add overtime tolerance, for instance, normal rate is Rp.2000/30 minutes, and bill will be change to Rp. 4000 on 30 minutes 1 second. To arranged overtime tolerance you can utilize add time in HH:MM:SS formation.

Discount Every
Discount does not only in every hour but it can be set in every time

Many Customer Types
Many customers on your cyber cafe can be different by Cyber Billing such as public user, member, nonmember, student, family, birthday package, free package, voucher system, game user's, course, training, typing, unlimited access and many customer types as many as you want.

Optional Logoff Warnings for User's Before Time Expired
Before user's account was disabled, Cyber Billing would be displayed three warnings to users that time would be expired.

ADDITIONAL BILLING - Additional income (non access)

Additional Non Access (On-Line)
Additional facility that will record non-internet access service bill (food, scanning, printing, etc) that is automatically displayed on counter of every workstation. Entry selling transaction on other bill (non access) such as snack, softdrink, coffee, tea, selling diskette, print, etc where user's are online. So, the invoice print out in one claim.

Additional Non Access (Off-Line)
Entry selling transaction on other bill (non access) such as snack, softdrink, coffee, tea, selling diskette, print, etc where user's are online. So, the invoice print out in one claim.

Add Stock Program
Stock menu has been activated, non-access transaction does not have to calculate manually. Price and item could be entered in system which cannot be operated, not only add but also delete the item, by the operator.

Add Cashier Program
Additional cashier programs on billing server like calculator. It can be easy to calculate such as in Dept. store or swalayan. Purchase of the item that is listed on price list while offline (customer do not access computer). Del is purposed to delete or cancel any transaction. Number of invoice can be arranged according to our needed.

SECURITY - take control access to your PCs

Restricted Access to Only Those Applications You Want Users to be able to Run
Only operator have access right could login or operational Cyber Billing Server

Master Password Access to All Features
You can grant access and specify what function of the program are allowed for this account.

Remove Ctrl+Alt+Del - Task Manager capabilities.
Lock the PC by shut the function of Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc, Task-List, Taskbar down, it makes the user have to login through Cyber Billing Client, so that you can use Cyber Billing as a tool to promote your product or give some announcement. Cyber Billing on PC Client do not effected on End-Task function, even do not display on Task-List.

Remote Clients Handle
Only one mouse click from server to Start, Finish, Close, Shutdown, Lock, UnLock, Kill and Change Background or Upgrade Client not copy one by one on your PC's, just send all to all of them.

Customer Usage Logs
Create log file and copy of log file in a different location. Log file could be accessed by all member staff. Copy is only for your private viewing.

Multiple employee password access rights to account manager system
Access Right of Cyber Billing Server application is determined by Admin, with several operational steps and limitation like billing setup, member setup, report, exit from program, etc. High security system for each Operator and Administrator with different username and password.

Automatically Kill applications
Automatic kill unwilling client application

Blocking Real Internet and Internet Option
Disabling Internet Explorer and Internet Option fasilities. So, they can't change proxy setting or other setting by users.

Blocking Applications
Blocking Application that is utilized to KILL and RUN application, it makes only a needed application can be run. For instance, the user only able to play game and cannot access internet, able to type (using MS Word and Excel) but cannot play game and access internet, or able to chat (mIRC) but cannot browse (IE, Firefox, Opera) etc.

Disabling Windows Fasilities
All Microsoft Windows Facility can be controlled from server without add any programs on client. For example, you can shut down Control Panel, Windows Explorer, Sets time from windows, Windows Registry, Command Prompt, Network Neighborhood, etc.

MEMBERS - keep track on all memberships

Membership Management
Integrated memberships database and keep track on all memberships and financial transaction of the members in your cyber cafe.

Add Prepaid Members
Prepaid member's could be customize base on tariff and time usage. Automatically disable member's accounts while they expired date or saldo is minus.

Deposit Members
Deposit system is more compatible to Internet Rent and Multi-player Game. This system requires the user to pay before they access internet or play multi-player game (prepaid). The rest of payment will be completely used up, because it is not recorded on database and identity that differentiate deposit user or not is not available.

Add Deposit Member's Accounts While They are On-Line

Add deposit does not only while member's are online but they are off line could be added

Time remaining on Client and Server
Remainder time usage will be displayed on server and client. So, user's can be decided when they should be finish.

Easy and Fast Mass Account Auto-Creation (Quick Member)
Quick member is fast member system temporary where user name and password was created by Cyber Billing Software. Usually usage for prepaid member.

Optional Single and Multiple Member's Account
There are two choice for member's account can be usage are single or multiple account. If single only one member for one account then Multiple are member's account can be usage for all people in one time together.

Optional Enable and Disable Member's Accounts
All of Member's accounts can be enable or disable from server, so they account can't be usage, maybe they can't pay of membership system.

Find Fast Member Accounts
Search member's accounts fastly. It's only type ID name.

Automatically Disabling Member's Accounts When Time Expired
Disable expired account member with gives the announcement or warning to member and operator automatically.

Automatically Backup Database Members
Automatically backup database member's and save on your directory indobackup.

MONITORING - track the use of your PCs

See usage information in real time
Take control PCs usage in real-time a like hour, duration, tariff, discount and total. Detail description of each client status can be seen on Menu Tree

Monitoring Program Use
Take control and monitoring all run application on workstation/client, according to Windows title or exe file.

Be able to log off users from account manager terminal
Be able to log off user's from account manager terminal but only operator have be access right to close Cyber Billing program on client

Edit and update user's accounts while they are on-line
Edit and update user's accounts when they are on-line

Client Status on Server
All status for each stations should be displayed on server in real time such as duration, cost, discount, every rate, additional purchase (non access) and amount of all must be pay.

Charge Status on Client
Charge status on client such as cost, duration, discount, Every, when user start, how long have they accessed, total will be displayed on PCs client. So they can decided when they finish or pay.

REPORTING - get a handle on your business

Advanced business reporting Detail and View Print Reports
Check the report database of client use. Report can be checked everyday, every month, every member, or amount of member that listed everyday or month. It is also completed by report of every operator.

Viewed detail report all income of your business cyber cafe such as duration, start time, finish, discount, cost, total payment, and additional purchase.

Know How Much Revenue You are Generating by Time Period
Know and viewed all income of your business cyber cafe in everyday. It will viewed in the right of the main billing server.

Learn Which Operator are Bringing in The Most Customers
Viewed report all income of your business cyber cafe and know which operator are bringing in the most customers.

Learn Which Operator are Bringing in The Most Money

Viewed report all income of your business cyber cafe and know which operator are bringing in the most money.

Learn Which PCs are Bringing in The most Accessed
Viewed report all income of your business cyber cafe and know which PCs are bringing in the most accessed for each workstation.

Special Features
Many Summary Reports
Summary Reports viewed all income of cyber cafe and only total cost by operator, or by workstation, or by members.

Detail Item Reports
All of Reports viewed by item charge (non access) such as foods, softdrinks, cigarettes etc.

Report By Registration Date
Only viewed reports (in come) by registration base on registration date member's.

Export Your Reports to Many File Format.
All of Reports can be saved as : Excel Documents (.xls), Rich Text Formatted Documents (.rtf), Text Formatted Documents(.txt), and Quick Reports (.QRP), Hyper Text Markup Language (.html)

Automatically Backup Database Reports
Automatically backup database reports such as database member, database group rate, database deposite, database item list, database discount, and database workstations.

ADVERTISING - cross promote for additional income

Fully customizable advertisement/pre-login/disclaimer screens

Banner (screen saver) can be arranged and changed from server while for previous version banner is arranged from client. This new version will help you much especially if your internet rent has much of computer. You can also use the banner to advertise your product.

MARKETING - reach out to your customers

Enter in full demographics of your customers
Entry data members with full detail member like surname, address, phone number, email address etc. It's important information for owner when you want to promote your business at the future.

Free Download

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We invite you to download and evaluate Cyber Billing. This free download for four clients is a fully functional product. When you decide to purchase Cyber Billing all you will need to do is to register the evaluation copy to go live on your installation. We are constantly working on improving and updating Cyber Billing to meet the needs of all our customer services. You will need to check our news page to see the information on the latest release information and update patches for previous installation. For existing customer we recommend checking this page monthly

Help Manuals

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Cyber Billing documentation and manuals, including installation instructions can be downloaded separately. Note that these manuals are included with the Cyber Billing setup program. The documentation and manuals are downloaded in a self-extracting zip file. Run the below application after downloading, and the manuals will be installed to the C:\IndoServer

Server Installation for Win2000 / XP / Vista
1. Run or double click file Indoserver.exe and then choose "unzip"
2. Automatically will be extract file and create directory on C:\ IndoServer (default)
3. Run file billserver.exe in directory IndoServer and automatically will be displyaed on desktop windows your PC
4. However, cannot access all features Cyber Billing because of operator ID is Guest
5. Choose "Login to Billing Server" on File menu
6. Then will be displayed dialog box, enter username and password "admin"
7. To change password Master account choose "Change Password" on File menu.

Client Installation
1. Double click file Setupclient.exe
2. Automatically will be extract file and create directory on C:\Program Files\Indoclient
3. Run file billclient from shortcut and automatic will be close your desktop
4. Press ALT+Q then on ServerIP= enter IP address of your PC's Cyber Billing Server
7. Choose "Connect"
8. Then Cyber Billing client will running well

Technical Support

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Cyber Billing is setup to install itself with relative easy, problems or questions may arise for the various system configurations and uses. Cyber Billing will provide email and messenger (chat) support for installation of the software free of charge. All support issues are handled through email by filling out in detail our Support Contact Form. Installation support is handled by email and messenger (chat) our support.

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